Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Turtle Quilt

The turtle quilt is finished!!

The top is mostly small squares, with a few rectangles and the larger turtle squares thrown in. The back is pieced together of fabrics with different textures, I thought that might be a neat idea for a baby exploring what things feel like.

The main section is flannel, but there's plain cotton, fleece, and minky also. Anyone have good tips for taking pictures of a full quilt? These just don't show it off very well!

I got the appliqué done and the top pieced so quickly I thought for sure I was going to fly through this quilt. But when I started trying to quilt it, the soft flannel backing kept bunching, even with my walking foot. After hours of picking out stitches to try again, having it do the same thing, spending more hours picking out stitches again, I gave up and tied it.

I still did a traditional binding, and after washing it I am very pleased with the final product.

I'll have to try again with the machine quilting, but this time the frustration just wasn't worth it. After what I ended up going through to finish this quilt, it's going to be hard to give away!

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