Saturday, March 24, 2007

Typical Saturday

It's so nice to have a weekend at home. We started off the day with an early soccer game - I can say with authority that the humidity is back here in Houston. Also, I can demonstrate the downside of playing co-ed soccer - having boys kick you in the shins!

Or, why I don't wear skirts during soccer season...

I barely got home and showered when my best friend from high school stopped by for lunch. I don't keep in touch with too many people from high school, but no matter how long we go without talking, Lauren and I always fall back into one of those easy, forever friendships.

I baked a batch of cookies while we chatted so I could send some home to her family. This is my current favorite cookie recipe, here at Julie's.

Now, when I can tear myself away from the computer (pictures to edit! blogs to check! emails to write!) I'm going to sit myself down at my sewing machine and finally finish that baby quilt.

I think some hand-binding with a good movie is my plan for tonight...

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