Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Again...

Wow, where did the week go? Maybe it's under the pile of works in progress on my sewing table...

This weekend went by so fast. Friday night I went into the city to eat dinner with my mom while my dad had his third round of chemo... Early Saturday I went back into the city for the Rodeo Run 10k (which went so great). I barely got home when and it was time to head to soccer, then I showered and headed back out for our church dinner group... Phew! I spent today almost exclusively at my sewing machine, with little to actually show for it other than a stiff neck!

I love weekends like this. Time flew by, I felt really busy, I worried about little things like getting the laundry done and whether I would finish everything on my to do list... And then I'd stop and think about how lucky I am, that my dad is getting better everyday, that I have a whole room in my house to take over when I'm in the middle of projects... I know people dealing with so much right now, it really reminds me to appreciate my life.

It's a little late to count this for gratitude Friday, but I figured you would forgive me just this once!

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