Thursday, March 01, 2007


Work has left me very scatterbrained this week, but I decided to just go with it because I have a few random things I wanted to post...

1. We went to the rodeo Tuesday and it was so much fun. I love seeing everyone dressed up (no, I don't own cowboy boots) and seeing all the animals and the rodeo events... And can I just say how neat it is to be able to take pictures in a nearly dark stadium and have them look decent?

(More rodeo pics on my flickr.)

2. I got a new haircut! I love getting my haircut! I'm a little blonder now...

3. I'm trying out a new flower... I still think I like Beki's better, but this one is kind of cute, too!

Okay, I won't make any promises, but hopefully my next post will be a little more cohesive!

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