Thursday, January 19, 2006

First Rag Quilt

I am going to a baby shower for my pastor's wife on Sunday, and of course I wanted to take something homemade. My mother-in-law had recently made an adorable rag quilt (for those who don't know, you basically sew the front and back of the quilt at the same time, then fringe the seams and wash it... see the picture below since it's just about impossible to describe!). Though my mother-in-law's was in sweet pastels for a future baby gift, I know my pastor's wife is having a boy (and I'm a fan of primary colors, even for girls). So I picked out some awesome flannel!

Can you see the sock monkeys? You would never believe how silly I acted when I found this. I love monkeys, and sock monkeys have a special place in my heart! Here's a close up of my favorite of the flannels, the monkeys and the fish:

I'm already watching for more cute flannel, since this blanket was so easy - what a great thing to have on hand for an unexpected shower!

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