Saturday, December 24, 2005

Just in Time

As often happens, my stocking plans changed drastically with time and material issues. I had originally intended to make wool felt stockings like those at Hable . I had trouble finding wool felt, and then what I found wasn't enough for a whole stocking, and then I was pretty much out of time anyway. So I came up with a new plan yesterday and got to work.

This morning, the morning of Christmas Eve, I finally finished sewing the second stocking. We have stockings!

The main fabric is actually from the stash I was collecting to make a Christmas quilt. I think it was put to good use, and I'll have fun replacing it!

My stocking

Peter's stocking

I made a cuff of wool felt (since I didn't have enough fabric to do a whole wool felt stocking), used some of the wonderful pom-pom trim I got from Lisa, and I embroidered our first initial and a little design to match the fabric.

I am definitely happy with how they came out, considering how quickly I made them, and Peter likes his! His main comment though - they're not big enough!!

Since we have family stopping by soon, I'd wanted to move on from stockings to folding laundry (definitely not as fun), but as you can see, Baxter has different ideas!