Tuesday, January 03, 2006

From Japan!!

Before my sister's recent trip to Japan, I had mentioned how wonderful I thought all the Japanese fabrics were I'd seen all over blog-land. I was very excited to get the wonderful oragami paper she sent me in the mail, but I was even more excited to find she'd ventured into a Japanese fabric store to get the rest of my Christmas present!!

First there are these two wonderful canvas-weight prints.

Aren't the little tiny birds on the blue print wonderful? And I think I already have bag plans for both of these prints.

Next are these wonderful lighter-weight prints, more like quilting fabric but incredibly soft.

Katy had already purchased these four when she saw this last print on the remnants table, and she said she just had to get this as well!

Since it's a remnant, it was a great bargain, and there is a ton of fabric! I am having so much fun dreaming up what it will be. I may have to be boring and just make it into pajama pants because it is so soft and I would get to enjoy it all the time that way...

It was so fun to hear about her experience getting all this fabric. Of course there was a language barrier, but I am SO glad she figured out how to get this anyway! She's going back in February, so I'm going to try to talk her into braving the fabric store again for more!!