Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hi There!

So is anybody still checking in? I have just not been motivated to post here... I am still making things, and still taking pictures, it's the next step of actually getting it up on the internet that's taking a while.

The good news is that my list is coming along!

-  Three more totes.
-  Fuzzy socks and eye masks for in the totes.
-  Undetermined homemade item for two nieces and a nephew. Postpone until birthdays!
-  Wool felt stockings for hubby and me.
-  Determined but unmentionable gift for my sister. (Hi Katy!)
-  Candy and cookies for mailing, work, and neighbors.

The day is still young, so the fabric will be cut for the stockings, and the goodies for work will be made before the day is done. I also plan to finally bind the 2nd wedding quilt, but that might be too ambitious.

On a more exciting note, I got one of my Christmas presents early!

Meet Lucy and Snickers! There are so adorable, and any misgivings I had about getting new gerbils vanished as soon as I saw them! The other animals are quite interested in them, too.

Well, back to work!