Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Sewing

* WARNING - Mom, don't read this post, okay?? Thanks!! *

Last year I gave out scarves, this year it's stuffed totes! I have all the fabric cut for four totes, and various bath and body goodies to stuff inside. I got the first tote sewn today, since it's the one that has to go in the mail.

This is for my grandma, who is a big fan of the Red Hat Society and loves red and purple. I got red hat fabric for the lining and put in a couple pockets.

Three more to go! I might slip in a fifth, since I can no longer use the Amy Butler tote I made a year ago... I spilled on it, tried to wash it, and realized how poor my sewing skills were when I first started sewing because the whole thing fell apart. Of course, I may not have time until after Christmas! Here's my list of projects to be completed by the 25th:

    Three more totes.
    Fuzzy socks and eye masks for in the totes.
    Undetermined homemade item for two neices and a nephew.
    Wool felt stockings for hubby and me.
    Determined but unmentionable gift for my sister. (Hi Katy!)
    Candy and cookies for mailing, work, and neighbors.

I know I'm forgetting a few things... Well, I'd better get back to sewing!