Thursday, November 17, 2005

Getting Closer

Unlike the first wedding quilt, I wanted to do a monogram on this one before quilting it to the fleece. Well, to be honest, I had thought to do a monogram on the first one, but forgot. Oops! Anyway, though the quilt won't be ready for our trip Saturday like I wanted, I did finish the monogram.

This was my first "real" embroidery project, and I'm quite pleased with it, especially the large "C". I could definitely use some practice, but it passes the 1-2 ft rule! I should be able to do the quilting pretty quickly after Thanksgiving, and finish by Christmas - which was my absolute, must-do goal.

I also have quite a long Christmas gift project list for after Thanksgiving, and some decorating project ideas, so hopefully I'll have things to share a little more frequently after the holidays! Thanks to those of you who have stuck around during this lull...