Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Easy Necklaces

I have so many lovely beads and I want to be able to show them off, so I whipped up some more quick necklaces over the weekend.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great - I miss my beautiful afternoon sunlight when I get home from work! It was dark again today when I got home, and these pictures were actually taken this morning.

The green bead above is from the same auction as the beads in this necklace and it's a beautiful milky green - very hard to capture on camera.


I love the glow of the faceted vintage crystal. I also made a necklace with one of these yellow beads but could not get a picture I was satisfied with:

Okay, time to go sew up a quick jewelry pouch - a coworker of Peter's loved the jewelry set I made for the United Way auction and requested an identical set as a gift for his wife, to be paid for in real money! Very exciting. I made the set this weekend but want a little cloth pouch to present it in.