Thursday, November 10, 2005

Photo Issues

We're getting together for a friend's birthday Saturday, and I wanted to take along a little gift. I had gotten some new freshwater pearls, grey with a beautiful green-blue shine. There were some swarovski crystals in my stash that matched perfectly, and I made a little necklace. I just cannot get a photo that looks right! This is the best I could do:

Okay, so I'm not home during when I can use natural sunlight anymore, and that would help. I also need to do a little more reading here (the Google search for "jewelry photography tips"), which would probably help. I was finally able to use Photoshop to adjust for the crummy lighting and get this picture which shows the colors a little better. Geez, I miss the beautiful afternoon light I used to have when I got home from work!

One picture that I think came out well was this one I took of a spider web in our kitchen window on a foggy morning the other day...

The whole web is covered with dew, and the foggy morning made it even more magical.