Sunday, April 15, 2007


On my Friday trip into London, I got off the Underground at Oxford Circus specifically to stop at Liberty of London. And I am so glad I did! First, I just loved the whole store, and if I ever win the lottery I'm skipping Harrod's and buying my new wardrobe at Liberty.

Then I made it to the fabric level!

Everything was displayed so well, and there wasn't a single print I didn't like.

Isn't this a wonderful way to organize small items? Beautiful glass containers with a simple binder clip holding on the label... I may have to adapt this in my craft room! And I loved the button display:

I didn't actually buy anything this time - I suffered a little bit of sticker shock, and couldn't bring myself to shell out that kind of money when my treasured fabric usually just sits on the shelf looking pretty. Maybe next time I won't be able to resist!

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