Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Little Gifts

Since I recently got my automatic one year raise (so the new-hires don't make more money than me!) I decided to get myself a little gift. This turned into a few little crafty gifts. First, I got in on port2port's wonderful February printing. As beautiful as this is in her pictures, it is even more beautiful in person! This will get framed and be my first step in decorating my craft room.

I also am anxiously waiting a sweet little owl from Merwing, creator at little dear. I told her I'd like something like 5b and 5c in the photo below, so I can't wait to see what she makes!

She also had the wondeful idea of making a trinket shelf with a yardstick. I might have to incorporate this into my craft room visions!

Last but certainly not least, I ordered this book from YesAsia.com.

I had also tried to order this book but they were having a really hard time finding it, so it was delaying the whole shipment and I got impatient and cancelled it. So much for delayed gratification!

All in all, I have wonderful things coming my way! I can hardly wait!!