Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Auction Jewels

52 Nights Update - Night 6 went well. It was my first true test in a while since our internet is *finally* working again. I took the dog for a walk, got the filing together for our taxes (procrastinator? who, me?), made dinner, and read my book for a while... Not as productive craft-wise as some nights but still a nice break!

I have one more auction bag to share (my favorite!) but I thought we might need a little break from all the bags... Since there was a debate among my friends at work about whether a handbag or jewelry would do better in the auction, I did both.

Above is my first attempt - pretty green beads, bali silver. I really like it but decided green wasn't a versatile enough color to appeal to everyone.

So I copied the exact design in gray pearls instead. It's funny - the work auction just ended, and the purse and jewelry were won for the same amount, so that debate ends up moot!

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