Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Night 2 and The Mommy Bag

So I kind of cheated for my 2nd unplugged night - I slept through it, since I was still recovering from the flu. I got home from work, took a three hour nap, got up for a tiny dinner, and was back in bed around 9:30. Maybe I'll have to have a secondary unplugged night to make up for it...

Now I just have to share my latest project - I finished this a week or so ago but had to wait for daylight to take some pictures. Jeanine, one of my best friends from high school, is due with her first baby in just a few weeks - official due date is March 20. In honor of her impending bundle of joy, I put together a Mommy Bag for her!

I'd call it a diaper bag, but I figure she has one of those already, and my sister insists she uses about five bags to get all her things everywhere now that she has Charlie... So it's a mommy bag!

On the outside there's a small front pocket lined with ribbon, and a large back pocket with a magnetic snap.

On the inside there's a large divided pocket, an elastic-edged bottle pocket, a key clip, and a pacifier holder.

The whole thing closes with a zipper and is very large. Here, I'll model -

I didn't quilt it like my other totes this style because this one is so big, it would have taken forever. I did interface the outer fabric and lining, so it holds its shape very well. I filled it with usefull goodies like wipes and diapers and made a little matching pouch for small things.

Although the length of this post kind of exhausts me, the project came together in a weekend, a lot faster than I thought it would! Now it's all wrapped and in the post, I hope she likes it!

P.S. - If anyone's interested, Michelle is hosting an embroidered button swap! It's animal-themed and should be a lot of fun, I joined and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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