Sunday, March 09, 2008

I get a new car!

At least that's what I'm telling myself, as the bright side to how I started my weekend... Let me preface this by saying that I AM OKAY!!! Now on to the results of my Friday night:

I babysat Friday in the city for my nephew, and was almost home (only 1 mile from my house), about midnight. I was sitting completely stopped at a red light when I got hit from behind by a drunk driver doing about 35MPH (his airbags deployed, which the cop says usually happens at speeds 35MPH+ - so he could have been going faster). I was stopped behind an SUV, so the damage to the front is actually the worst.

Anyway, we don't know for sure but we think the car will be totaled. These pics are from the lot where it was towed. I'm really sad, this was the first new car I'd bought myself, it was paid off, and we planned to drive it a lot longer... But we'll figure it out! I'm just glad I made it out of there with only a sore neck!

Oh, and to top off a fantastic weekend, today I have the stomach flu. Oh well, I guess we can't win them all!