Monday, February 18, 2008

Etsy Love!

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the tea towel apron!

I have been having so much fun browsing Etsy lately! Almost everyday I add a few new favorites to my list. Recently I went on a search for cute bookplates for my growing library and instead picked up these stamps from Sweet Paperie.

Wouldn't an address stamp and stamp pad with some personalized stationery make a cute bridal shower gift? I got a bookplate stamp and an address stamp. Here's the bookplate in action...

Rather than use a stamp pad, since I wanted the two colors, I used my favorite stamp pens.

A neat trick I learned - take as long as you need to color your stamp, a different color for every letter if you want, and then just "huh" your warm breath on it before stamping to make the ink moist.

I also treated myself to a new pair of earrings - I seem to wear pink all the time, and that was all the excuse I needed to get these from Shy Siren.

I've even found shops for supplies - beads, fabric, vintage, etc! I sneaked these beautiful beads into my cart the last day of January, just under my "No New Supplies Month" deadline:

And the title of the post comes from a fairly new blog, Etsy Love. Between blogs like this and the always fresh Etsy front page, it won't be hard to keep finding new shops to love!

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