Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tea Towel Tote Tutorial - And a Giveaway!

I geeked out a little with alliteration in the title - in truth it's a stretch to call this a tutorial... Anyway, I made up a few more tea towel totes this weekend and remembered to take pictures along the way, in case anyone is interested in a quick project to make a great, useful bag.

Tea Towel Tote Tutorial
You will need:
- tea towel
- (2) 5"x22" strap fabric
- (2) 5"x22" interfacing

1. Make the straps...
Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the strap fabric. Press in 1/4" on each end. Press in half and then press each side to the middle line. Iron in half again. Top stitch the length of the strap on both sides. (Basically this is the same as in these directions.) Set aside.

2. Make the bag...
Fold the tea towel in half, right sides together. Sew up each side. Box the corners but don't cut off the excess. Fold up the sewn corners and stitch several times across the tip to hold in place.

3. Attach the strap...
Apparently diagonal lines are the strongest!

It seems like I could have made the directions a little simpler because this is such an easy project, but I do have a problem with overexplaining!

Also! Since this happens to be my 400th post, leave a comment and I'll do a drawing for one of these bags, and fill it with some fun goodies! I know there are some lurkers out there, now's the time to introduce yourself! I'll do the drawing on Monday... Just a way to say thanks for those of you that make this crafty community such a fun place!

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