Friday, February 01, 2008

Sewing Room Friday - My OCD Side

I really love to be organized. A place for everything, everything in its place, and all that. I know I've talked about that before! Luckily I don't get too compulsive about it, but when things are in disarray it always nags at me. Alternately, little organized bits can make me very happy.

Previously I had all my DMC floss shoved in drawers of a little plastic organizer, still with the little paper sleeves they come with. It was hard to tell which colors I already had and definitely hard to find a specific color.

Each evening for a week or so (this took a while!) I wrapped floss onto bobbins... It is so pretty now! I had it ordered by DMC number but since I don't do many projects lately that call things out by number I rearranged it to spectrum order since I think it makes it look so yummy.

And to put it on record somewhere... I am declaring February "No New Supplies Month". I have so many projects on my list, ideas in my head I want to tackle. When I buy fabric, notions, beads, etc, it's always with some *new* project in mind, so my list is always growing! Here's to making my list shorter instead of longer...

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