Friday, February 15, 2008

Cut-Paper Craze

I'm sure you all have foolproof methods for organizing your photos, right? Well, my system is just to stick all my photos in a "Crafts" folder on my computer, and then edit them when I want to do a post. So pictures sometimes get lost... I totally forgot to post these cards I made for my aunt at Christmas!

These were my annual handmade cards, though I only made one set for my aunt, my most appreciative recipient! I was inspired by all the cut paper around lately, especially at Amy's. Isn't this shadow gorgeous?

I haven't done any other papercraft in a while, other than my heart poster. Instead I'm getting the urge to work with yarn again... I finally couldn't resist Alicia's adorable Baby Bella Dress pattern, especially after seeing Nikki's post on it. Since it's an electronic pattern, I'm calling that a loophole in my "no new supplies" month! We'll see if this burst of crochet energy goes anywhere...

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