Thursday, January 17, 2008


One Sunday before Christmas my sister was hanging out at my house with Charlie, helping me bake cookies for neighbors. (Hmm, my life is well-documented...) We had agreed a little pair of handmade earrings would be a nice addition to my mom's stocking, so I asked if she wanted to check out the options in my bead stash.

A few minutes later we had a very cute pair of earrings! Red chalcedony, a square wood bead, and a little silver.

Since Katy really like the chalcedony beads, I made her a similar pair with a blue bead. She wears smaller earrings so I left off the wood bead, but I thought they were still nice.

Well, turns out I gave her a very similar pair of earrings last Christmas so she asked if I had other red beads like Mom's. Unfortunately I didn't, but she was happy with my substitute...

It's fun to know my family is accumulating quite a collection of "my" jewelry!

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