Friday, February 02, 2007

WIP & Gratitude Friday

For once, I actually got done tonight what I had on my to do list! That on its own is reason to celebrate.

My WIP this week is a baby quilt, which I am so excited about. For now I just have a peek at the fabric, though I did get it all cut and arranged after I took this picture:

(Click to see my first attempt at a picture of this much fabric - but be warned, the shot includes my feet, which nearly 20 years of playing soccer have left not too pretty.)

For Gratitude Friday, I've got a few... My dad is feeling better everyday, my uncle is here to visit, I have an awesome camera that let's me take pretty good pictures even inside at night, and last but not least, I have almost all day tomorrow to spend on projects and then I get to go hang out with my whole family... It's looking to be a good weekend!

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