Tuesday, February 13, 2007

100 Things (cont.)

Seeing that headband pic was getting old, I finally got around to finishing my 100 Things list. Find the first 50 here.

(See #92)

51. I read a lot.
52. Mostly fantasy.
53. Some science fiction.
54. Some "real books" when my mom or sister lends one to me.
55. Right now I'm reading A Farewell to Arms.
56. I just finished The Edge Chronicles, Book 2.
57. I love children's books.
58. I LOVE Harry Potter.
59. I type really fast.
60. I like almost all music.
61. Just not rap.
62. I love musicals.
63. I had the Les Mis soundtrack memorized in high school.
64. I know a little French.
65. I tried to learn Russian once.
66. Couldn't even memorize the alphabet.
67. I talk really fast.
68. And I talk a lot.
69. I love shoes.
70. But I don't like to wear high heels.
71. Because I'm tall.
72. 5'11".
73. Since my freshman year in high school.
74. When I wore glasses.
75. And had braces.
76. I was cool.
77. I've never broken a bone.
78. Or had to stay in the hospital.
79. (I hope I didn't jinx myself.)
80. I'm very gullible.
81. So I get teased a lot.
82. I don't mind.
83. I like making people laugh.
84. I like to cook.
85. I eat a lot.
86. I don't have a favorite food.
87. I have a favorite color.
88. Orange.
89. Since I was about four.
90. I love monkeys.
91. And owls.
92. And jellyfish.
93. And otters.
94. I love aquariums.
95. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of my favorite places.
96. I love office supplies.
97. Especially pens.
98. And post-its.
99. I love being organized.
100. I love to make lists!

Thanks for bearing with me! I couldn't handle knowing that list was only half done...