Thursday, February 01, 2007

Making Progress

It is a lot easier for me to keep things straightened up if everything has a place to go. My craft room was such a mess because I'd just haphazardly moved everything in without paying much attention to organization. I spent a little time this past weekend cleaning up my shelves, and I'm already feeling a lot better!

I organized all my fat quarters:

This box makes me so happy - mostly Amy Butler and Denise Schmidt with a few others thrown in. Now if I could just make myself sew something with this...

I also organized my box of ribbon and trim:

I left what was on spools as is, but I took the loose pieces and wrapped them around pieces of foam board, secured at the end with a little pin.

Now I can see it all and it's not just a jumbled mess in the bottom of the box. And see how nice these shelves look now?

The red basket is all my zippers, purse magnets, handles, etc. Just seeing these pictures makes me want to go get to work!

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