Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lucky Thursday

Thursday sure seems to be my lucky day for posting lately! As I've seen various other places around the blogosphere, I am in a bit of a posting funk. My crafting, and posting, seem directly proportional to how busy I am at my "real" job - I've been very busy at work lately, and I am lucky to get some crafting done at night, much less take pictures and write posts...

For example, I made a bracelet for my sister-in-law back in September, took pictures, and never posted them! I saw some awesome silver links on Fusion Beads that just looked like her, so I made this:

It has a magnetic clasp, with a little chain so the bracelet doesn't fall off if the clasp comes undone. I quite like it!

I have a few other works in progress, but for the most part I am enjoying relaxing, organizing my new room, and crawling the web for inspiration for when I get my groove back...