Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bossy Bossy

A couple weeks ago my sister handed me a navy blue shirt to turn into a Rice shirt for an upcoming football game. This led to some glitter experimentation, and when I felt it would work, I set out to make a Rice shirt. Well...


The brush slipped, and while the nice thing about fabric paint is that it doesn't wash out, the crummy part about fabric paint is that it doesn't wash out. Luckily I have a very understanding sister, and she even suggested the fix:

Fixed, Sort of

Voila! The spot is... well... harder to see! It turned out that we got free tickets to the same football game, so I whipped up my own shirt - without the footballs (and no "oops" spot) so we wouldn't completely match!

Both Shirts

I did end up finding glitter everywhere when I wore it, so that part of my freezer paper stencil obsession may have to fall by the wayside!