Thursday, August 24, 2006


So would it be totally lame to show "before" pictures of my craft room when I don't really have "after" pictures yet? I love seeing projects like this on other people's sites, so hopefully I'm not alone in that... Projects around my house take a long time for some reason, but we might actually have a paint color picked and time to paint on Sunday, so who knows... This one might be a record for us! Maybe the motivation of a finished place to play helps!!

Here is what our "study" looks like now:

We have two sets of the new shelves built, so the next step is to do the third set, move a bunch of stuff around, paint, reorganize, etc... I'm actually really looking forward to it. This is how a lot of the shelf building looked:

See who's doing most of the work? It is really tiring!

Speaking of tiring, I've been up way too long and it's a work night, so I'll leave it at that for now!