Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Change the Subject

Well, I can tell from the lack of comments by even my most faithful commenters that pictures of my craft room progress (or lack thereof) are pretty boring. I get it! Sorry! Moving on!!

My husband and I have a down comforter we absolutely love. Unfortunately, it is quite warm, and we live in Houston. So no down comforter during the summer. Right now we're just sleeping with our sheets and blanket, and no bedspread of any kind, but that doesn't look so good. I want to make a light weight quilt to keep on our bed during the summer... Our walls are dark green and our furniture is dark wood, so we've been using a white comforter cover, and I want to keep this look for the quilt. I am thinking something like this:

For the main open parts I will just cut up a white sheet or something, and then the strip will be various green fabrics to tie in with the walls. I want to try to just piece it randomly, not sticking to a specific pattern, just seeing what goes well together until it's the right width. I browsed eQuilter for fabrics in the right tone and put together this little assembly in their design board:

So. Thoughts? Will this look silly? I might actually pay to get this quilted since it will be king-sized, so I don't want to spend a ton on fabric. Once my craft room is organized, it could be I'll discover the perfect combination of greens in my stash! You never know...