Monday, August 21, 2006

Crazy Shoppers

Yesterday I shopped all day. I met my sister at 10am and we went to Ikea to get my craft room bookshelves. Woo! I love how much you get for your money there - I think everything will have a place to be put away! That's the only chance I have of keeping my craft room neat.

Then we went to lunch, and moved on to clothes shopping. Katy just switched from a business formal job to a business casual job, so boy did she have a long wish list. We had such a blast shopping! I managed to control myself and stick to my much shorter list of needs. I'm quite proud of myself.

Of course, I couldn't go see Katy empty handed! The dangle necklace was her idea, so I made her one of her own!

I do like this style! I think I'd better find more ball chains...