Monday, May 22, 2006

Slippery Slope

Someone once told me about a reality show that follows a man who does repossessions. Boats, cars, even 18-wheeler cabs. He has to often sneak up and "steal" the item, because if people know he's coming they'll hide the item or take off with it. I never saw the show, but for some reason the idea of this man coming in the middle of the night and hooking up someone's boat... it stuck with me. Maybe that's why whenever I hear about ReproDepot I think it's actually called "Repo Depot" and I picture this sneaky repo man. Yes, I am weird, I've never denied that.

For some reason I've avoided buying any fabric from ReproDepot. I think part of it is because once I start, I won't be able to stop. Well, I started! I saw a post on Design*Sponge about one of the new fabrics there, and had to get it for this super easy dress in Blueprint.

Shipping's the same to a certain cut off (so my justification goes), so I also got a couple yards of this totally awesome animal print:

This will become baby blankets for the twins across the street.

Here are some more wonderful prints that I resisted this time.

Bright Flower (Fruity)

Honeycomb (Sage)

Suma (Green)

Wallpaper Flowers (Pink)

And that's only the "60's and 70's" section!! Let's hope I am able to continue to resist the temptation... Or at least let's hope I stay more within my monthly craft budget than I've been doing lately...