Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Carry Me!

I still can't believe I finished this bag in time for my trip last weekend. And with only minimal neglect of everything else!

(Ignore my kitchen chairs that desperately need recovering.)

I'm also pleased that I didn't cheat and just use a single collection of fabric. This has some Flea Market Fancy, some reproductions, and some fabric from my stash. All are represented in the applique, and in various places in the bag, including the outer pocket lining.

I did a zipper on the top like with my sister's bag, and I'm getting better at it:

And there's a zipper pocket on the inside so little things don't get lost:

If I had it to do over again (wouldn't I always change something??), I would use much stiffer interfacing. It's a little floppy. But it fit everything I wanted to take on the plane - book, knitting, iPod, water... - so it is just about perfect!