Friday, May 12, 2006

Custom Order

Ages ago I donated some jewelry to the United Way silent auction at work. One of the ladies responsible for collecting the donations really loved the jewelry, and she contacted me to see about getting some Mother's Day presents for various members of her family. She picked out two pieces I made a while ago, and then commissioned two custom pieces by giving very vague guidelines.

For her cousin, who is a flight attendant, she wanted something sparkly, dainty, and not very long. Voila, swarovski to the rescue!

For her sister-in-law, she wanted something delicate, a little longer, and sophisticated. To me, sophisticated means pearls.

And because I liked the pearl earrings so much, I made some in pink:

Since packaging is fun, too, I made little fabric pouches for each piece of jewelry.

I hope they like it!