Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Simple Pleasures

On a recent camping trip to the Texas hill country, we did some exploring in the town of Fredricksburg. I find this town so neat. Because of the tourist draw, it has all the "modern" amenities - big new grocery store, cheap hotels, etc. But it has the most adorable main street, with shops and restaurants and beer gardens. Peter and I feel like we could decorate our whole house with things from these shops, all wrought iron and stone, the rustic look we love. I managed to hold myself to only one purchase, a 6-votive candle holder for our kitchen table.

I hadn't run across any candles for it, and I was already hesitant because candles in my house tend to sit unburned collecting dust, when I thought of an idea. I picked up what I needed at the store, and when I got up Sunday morning, I had a beautiful spot of color in my house.

When simple things are so beautiful, it's easy to take pleasure in them!