Friday, April 28, 2006

To Dream

I think my dream job is to be a photographer. Any kind - nature, portrait, wedding, etc. If I could somehow incorporate scrapping and sewing into that job, I'd be in heaven. So it has become kind of a hobby of mine to "collect" links to photographers I admire. I just found a new one today through Tara's blog. I admire Tara's photography so much, I couldn't wait to see who she linked to! And I wasn't disappointed.

I don't think it's cool to post Audrey's pictures here, so I'll just link to my favorites...

Adorable Girl

Blue-eyed Teenager

Father and Son

Observing a Tea Party

(These all are from her blog since I couldn't get her main site to load at home for some reason. Check out all the photos on her main site if you're a fan of portrait photography!)

Some other portrait photographers I love: Tara (of course), Janet (my wedding photographer), and Rebecca Martin who took some photos of a friend's baby that came out great.