Monday, April 24, 2006

Blog Break?

A few bloggers in craft-land have been taking blogging breaks lately... and here I go and do it without announcing it, with just a lousy vacation picture to sit on my front page for over a week! How embarassing. I can't promise things will pick up - although I have some projects in the works, they are big, and not postable (is that even a word?) since they're gifts. Anyway, I do have one picture I can share, with a scroll down. Katy, this is on its way to you, so don't look if you want it to be a surprise! (I know, you're such a faithful follower of my blog, and I finally post and you can't look! I'm so mean!)

With bead suggestions from my sister, I made this (in my opinion) beautiful necklace!

I ran out of chain making it, but I have more beads, so I'm going to my favorite bead shop to get some more chain so I can make this for myself, too!