Monday, March 06, 2006


Every year our church has an auction to raise money for our senior high kids to go on a cool trip. For a few years now, they've gone up to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota to canoe in true wilderness. We got to go along as "chaperones" the first year they did the trip, and it was an awesome week. I'm not sure where they'll go this year, since the pastor that organized the Boundary Waters trips is leaving, but hopefully it will be somewhere great.

To get to the point, I volunteered to make a handbag for the silent auction part of the evening. I wanted to test a new idea, inspired by the Japanese craft book I recently ordered (I couldn't resist the Japanese craftbook craze!!). Here is the prototype for the auction:

I cut up an old faux suede skirt to make the strap. I forgot to put a pocket inside, and I think the strap is a little too narrow, so I'm glad I practiced before making the auction one! Plus, now I have a cute new purse. Just what I need! Here is the inside, very simple:

I also got all the flannel to make another rag quilt for the auction. I think I'll do this one in squares instead of strips. And I just found out my neighbor is pregnant with twins! So I have an excuse to make more blankets! I am in crafter heaven...