Saturday, February 18, 2006

Drawstring Tote

In keeping with my New Year's Intentions I have been going twice a week to an ab class at my work's on-site gym. A friend of mine joins me pretty regularly, and she has this neat bag she brings her workout clothes in. It is a large tote, with a drawstring top to keep everything contained. Not one to be put off by something I haven't tried before, I came up with a design and spent about $5 at WalMart for some fabric. I now have a drawstring bag of my own!

If I had it to do over again I would have made the strap a little narrower and shorter. Since the fabric was so cheap, I suppose I do have it to do over again! Maybe I'll try again later with a few tweaks on the design. For now, I'll use it for ab class, and probably as a carryon and a weekend bag, and much more! I think I'll work up a matching pouch since I didn't include any pockets...

The only problem so far is since I was lazy and didn't prewash the fabric first, it's turning things pink! Looks like I get to test the sewing and wash it soon!