Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Simple Tea Towel Apron

So many people mentioned having beautiful tea towels they couldn't bear to use when I posted the Tea Towel Tote how-to, so I thought you might also be interested in my super easy tea towel apron. This is even easier than the tote, and takes about 15 minutes.

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1 tea towel
2.5-3 yds ribbon*

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm using these super cute Valentine towels I found on clearance last year.

First, fold your tea towel in half lengthwise, right sides together. If you have a border that you want to be along the bottom of your apron, make sure it's where my red border is.

Find the center of your ribbon and align it with the center of the towel's folded edge. Pin ribbon along folded edge, through ribbon and both layers of the towel.

Sew along the top and bottom of the ribbon, through the ribbon and both layers of towel, top stitching when you stop and start for security.

Fold the top layer of towel up to meet the ribbon. Pin just the folded top layer, along the edges and at two spots to make dividers - this is your apron pocket.

Sew just through the pocket layers, at the edges and your pocket divisions, backstitching at the openings for security.

You're done!

Model your apron in your grubby PJ's and share it with the internet:

* This is why I make the ribbon so long - I wrap the ties back around to the front and tie them under the pocket, so the apron doesn't move around much while I'm wearing it.

Now make another one because that was so stinkin' easy!

Hope you enjoy!!

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