Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Last Month

Matt & Sarah

Today is the first day of June, and that means my last month home with Ben has begun! I am so blessed to have six months off with my new little boy, but in a way I think it is making it even harder to think about going back to work. I am tempted to have an ambitious list of projects to finish for June since it is my last month at home, but I know I'll want to spend a lot of time just cuddling and playing with Ben, so I tried to keep it tame.

June Goals:
1. Finish Ben's circle quilt.
2. Quilt top for my sister's new baby.
3. Throw pillow for nursery glider.
4. Nursery artwork.
Not actually that tame when I write it out...

May Goals:
1. Finish the stroller blankie I put on hold.
2. Clean up guest room.
3. Finish wedding embroidery. Just barely! See above...
4. Nursery artwork. Nope.
5. Throw pillow for guest room.

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