Saturday, May 22, 2010

Handmade for Ben

I wanted to show off some of the wonderful things friends and family have made for Benjamin.

We receieved so many beautiful quilts. They are perfect for cuddling with and playing around on the floor. Now that Ben is rolling over whenever he gets the chance, I put him down on the floor a lot more often, so I have a quilt on the floor in just about every room in the house! It seems so much nicer than putting him on the (pet hair-ridden) carpet. The orange quilt on the right is my very own stroller blankie, from our friend Kate, which started me on my stroller blankie craze!

This quilt is from Peter's Aunt Jan. Isn't it so bright and cheerful?

I had to highlight this quilt from Peter's Aunt Martha. She and my mother-in-law made it in one day last Thanksgiving, and they actually had to make the top twice! There was a seam-allowance mishap on the first try, so they made the whole thing again. Now that's dedication; I am so impressed and thankful. The colors are perfect in the nursery!

My friend Jeanine from high school sent us this "baby" sign; another perfect match for the nursery!

We also received a home-sewn shopping cart seat cover, two nursing covers, a portable changing pad, some personalized onesies, and many embellished burp rags. I had no idea how many burp rags I'd go through in a day; it is so nice to have a pretty stash. We are so appreciative of all our generous friends and family that took time to make things for Benjamin!

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