Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day Off

My office building is still closed, a reminder that there is much worse damage out there from Ike than my fallen fence. To stay out of the way we haven't ventured too far from home - less than three miles from my house is (was?) the Kemah Boardwalk, and I've heard the wood of the boardwalk is all gone, the ferris wheel is tipped, and sailboats are washed up on the access roads. It is tempting to go see the damage, but how can you be a tourist to the suffering of others?

Instead we fixed our fence, helped our neighbors when needed, got our shutters down, and tried to put our house back in order after frantically moving things upstairs to avoid potential floodwaters. With that work complete, and work still closed, I moved on to putzing.

I finished a project that was abandoned during our evacuation, chose fabric for two new quilt projects, did a few random neglected chores, and cuddled the kitten - who is now named Addie for no particular reason other than we liked it (Pete thought of it because of how easily she is distracted, like she has ADD).

Now that the repair work is done around our house, if work is still closed tomorrow I think I'll go see if I can help, distributing ice and ready meals or just putting together care packages for our friends that are still without power. It just didn't feel right treating this afternoon like a vacation day when so many are still trying to put things back together.

(Edited to add: Last night would have been Night 28 for my no tech nights. I think the events of the weekend earned me a quiet night with a little TV on Monday!)

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