Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Much Better

So I think I'm participating annually in three different auctions now. It's always fun to try to come up with something new that will appeal to the wide range of folks bidding on auction items.

United Way Tote

As you saw earlier, I wasn't thrilled with the initial design of this bag. It was hard to see in the photos, but the bottom was a mess. I ripped out the bottom, added a little more fabric and just did my standard mitred corners. I love the fabric. It was worth the work to save it.

Outer Pocket

Zipper Detail

It has a zipper closure, one outside pocket, and a long divided inner pocket for organization. I'm getting faster at putting these together if you don't count the rework.

52 Nights Update - Night 27 - Now I am past halfway! I need to re-energize my no tech nights, they are becoming a little humdrum. I had a longer training run last night which took a lot of time, plus dinner to make and laundry to fold, so it wasn't really a challenge to stay away from the computer and TV. Maybe it's time to add an official second no tech night?

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