Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Pink Project

I made all those quilted totes back at Christmas and have really been wanting to make one for myself. Funny things sometimes motivate me - for example, I had jury duty on Monday, and a quilted tote of my own would be perfect for carrying my book, snacks, and water bottle in style!

I had picked out some fabric ages ago, and spent a little time tweaking the pattern I'd come up with to save some time since there is so much quilting for these bags.

Rather than quilting the outside fabric and then constructing this like a normal lined bag, I quilted the outer fabric to the inner fabric, and bound up all the rough seams on the inside.

I outsmarted myself trying to make a clever inside pocket (patch pocket/zipper pocket combo), so the sewing is a little messy in places, but as usual, I learned for next time!

And all of these pictures are misleading, because of course it is already packed with my stuff! I am in love.

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