Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My cousin and aunt both live up in/near Chicago, and their necklaces are winging their way northward as we speak!

Megan got to pick out her beads, too, so this was a fun one to make. I was a little worried in the middle that I hadn't arranged it right, but it all came together in the end.

These monochrome necklaces with the wide variety of beads are so fun to make, but they are so hard to photograph!

52 Nights Update - Night 21 - I started to say I was half done with my 52 Nights but obviously I can't do math! I'm happy to report my no-tech nights are easy now, and I've pretty much added Thursday as a bonus no tech night each week. The changes are small - I get a couple more things done, actually complete my chores instead of surfing the web, don't skip exercising. I'm not cooking gourmet meals and living in a perfectly sparkling house like Martha, but I'm more satisfied at bedtime with what I've accomplished after work. And that's pretty cool!

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