Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coral Redux

Thank you for all the sweet thoughts about our kitty. Two days and many phone calls later, and we still haven't managed to get any confirmation about what happened to him. It's so hard not knowing for sure, just taking someone's word that he won't come back in the pet door.

Energy levels at our house have been low since we got the news, but that has prevented time-consuming exercise and promoted couch-sitting and TV-watching. Which is perfect for jewelry-making.

This necklace is for my aunt who visited in June, and picked out these beads. They are some of the same ones I used in a necklace for my mom, and I've always loved them. The clasp goes in the front, and I quite like how it turned out. I've also made my cousin's necklace, but haven't managed any good photos.

Now it's time to switch gears to quilting - my mother-in-law's friend who loaned me all the safety pins comes back next week so I need to be done with the master quilt by then! I always do work better with a deadline...