Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank Goodness

It's Friday! Today was fantastic. We got out of class early so I got to do a little shopping, then I threw my to-do list out the window and went to get a pedicure. A little pampering was just right after this long week!

My mom came over for dinner, and designed these earrings, too. I wouldn't even have noticed the orange in the lower beads if she hadn't seen it. All I had to do was put them together! They're a gift for a friend she's visiting next week. Love them!

52 Nights Update - Bonus! - I've mentioned I spend less time on the internet since I started 52 Nights but last night might be the first true bonus no tech night I've had! I went to the gym, spent some time crafting, did tons of laundry, and started a new book. Let's see if this can be a low-tech weekend...

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