Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July Plans

Those who can't do... Plan!

1. Use these conch beads to make some earrings and a necklace or two.

There are just never enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. I'm sure we all wish we could get by on a little less sleep, skip (even more than I already do) the less pleasant daily chores, come home from work a little earlier...

2. Find some cute red gingham and pair it with these cherries for a new lunch bag.

But since crafting usually has to be a little lower on my list, behind, say, paying the bills, I spend a lot of time day dreaming about what I want to do next!

3. Make a wall hanging for my newly painted nook.

So I always have a lot more dream projects on my list than I will ever be able to get to.

4. Finish the nook project by cleaning and organizing all this wonderful storage space - this will be my July OPAM.

Above are a few I hope to get to get started on over the long weekend. What are some of your tricks for having time to do it all?

52 Nights Update - Night 18 - I made dinner right after work (super yummy), folded and put away about 5 loads of laundry from the weekend, and tried out the yoga class at my new gym. I haven't been to yoga in ages and man am I inflexible! I think I'll have to make that class a regular activity...

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