Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finishing Touch

There is a lot of really interesting history about labeling quilts. This is something I've never done - I know I should, but my quilts have all been gifts and I'm never finished early enough to get on a label. I was about to send off the diamond quilt when I remembered these posts by Marisa.

Since I had to get this quilt packaged and in the mail today to be on time for the baby shower, I stayed up late last night to get this on there. I stabilized the fabric with Heat-n-bond, waiting to peel off the paper backing until after I was done writing. Supposedly the Heat-n-bond is washable, but I did decorative handstitching around the edge anyway.

I used a pigma pen like Marisa recommended and did really like it. It has a soft tip, and I wonder how it will wear after writing on relatively rough fabric, but for now it is fantastic. If you're a quilter, do you always label your quilts? I think I will from now on!

52 Nights Update - Night 17 - I got right to work painting when I got home and finished the nook - pictures as soon as I hang a few things on the walls. Then I made dinner (since it was after 8pm it was tempting to skip this and just eat junk, but I behaved!), and decided to do the quilt label. Handstitching did allow for a little TV time, perfect to relax after a busy evening!

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