Thursday, May 01, 2008

One Project a Month

One of my favorite photoblogs is that of Tara Whitney. She is so creative, and everything of hers is always so colorful and cheerful.

She suggested a challenge - One Project a Month or "OPAM". I take this to mean a bigger, on your list forever, type project. And I have a long list of them.

I am going to jump on the bandwagon. We're still in the middle of the floor project, but to count that, I'd have to ignore the fact that I haven't really helped with it much. Thank goodness for my father-in-law! So my May OPAM is the quilt for our master bed. We have gorgeous bedroom furniture, and no bedspread because I keep meaning to make a quilt!

I can't believe I'm showing my messy bedroom!

I've gone around in circles and been paralyzed with all the pattern options, but one quilt has stuck in my head for months, so I'm just going to start cutting. As Fiona quoted from one of her comments, finished is better than perfect. I think I need to make that my new motto! I'm a little nervous about making this goal, since I have a sudden onslaught of handbags to make for folks, but I think I can still do it.

Feel free to join in! Leave Tara a comment so she feels the love.

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